Drunk Man Crashes Truck Into Courthouse To Report His Drugs Were Stolen

A drunk man was arrested after he intentionally crashed his pick-up truck through the doors of a courthouse in Mississippi. When 28-year-old Keith Cavalier was taken into custody, he told police that he crashed his truck because he felt it was the only way he could report that somebody had stolen his drug paraphernalia. 

After crashing his truck, surveillance cameras captured Cavalier climbing out the passenger's side window and standing by his truck for a few minutes. He was not present when a tow truck driver arrived to remove the vehicle. 

The building was not occupied at the time and nobody was injured in the crash. Employees are still trying to determine how much it will cost to repair the damage, though they estimate it will be well over $1,000, making the crime a felony. 

"There is an aesthetics issue with finding an exact match for some of the materials," said Board of Supervisors spokesman Jeff Clark in a written statement. "Due to this factor, we are not able to project the cost of the project until this is resolved."

Cavalier has been charged with driving under the influence and malicious mischief and remained locked up in Harrison County jail. 

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