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Calera High School Twins receive high honors

Identical twin brothers Alex and Jaramy Dozier have earned top honors as valedictorian and salutatorian at Calera High School, finishing their high school career strong both on the football field and in the classroom.

The brothers, who admit to having a little bit of a competitive sibling rivalry, have excelled as both scholars and athletes while at Calera High.  Two two played football for the Eagles, playing both running back and linebacker positions, while also balancing a full class schedule their senior year that included three Advanced Placement courses.  The Dozier brothers both excel academically and were virtually tied in class rank throughout high school, until Alex edged ahead with a 4.33 Grade Point Average (GPA) to

The Dozier brothers both excel academically and were virtually tied in class rank throughout high school, until Alex edged ahead with a 4.33 Grade Point Average (GPA) to Jaramy’s 4.3.   The boys credit their mother with instilling in them the drive to succeed in the classroom and their father with their determination on the football field.

“Mom is the enforcer on academics first,” said Alex with a smile. “She will accept nothing less than an A.”

The boys admit their mom also rewards them monetarily for their report card successes.  But, she also punishes for lack of effort,

“We really never wanted to find out what that would have been,” said Jaramy jokingly of any punishments that would have ensued for a grade less than a B.

Despite a class schedule that includes AP Government, AP Literature and AP Calculus, the Doziers say they don’t get too overwhelmed.  It helps that the close-knit duo, who admit to being best friends, have had every class together for the past three years.  Good time management, especially during football season, has also helped the two stay successful.  One important secret to their success is making time for afternoon naps after school before tackling homework.

“We don’t get any nap time during football,” said Alex “But the rest of the year, we take a nap then we tackle the homework.  After that we get our R and R time.”

Principal Joel Dixon said he appreciates the twins not only for their commitment to their academics, but for also setting a good example in their behavior.

“They are straight arrows that don’t get into trouble,” Dixon said. “They are well respected by everyone.  They get along with everyone.”

Dixon said the thing he admires most about the twins is their ability to prioritize various opportunities in light of whether it would become a distraction.

“They were both nominated for various opportunities, but they have always been very good about counting the cost, and have declined because they didn’t want to waiver in their commitment to their athletic programs,” Dixon said. “They were able to give someone else the opportunity instead because they don’t over-commit themselves.”

Both brothers will speak at graduation as valedictorian and salutatorian before embarking on their next journey of attending college – most likely at Vanderbilt.  Alex plans to pursue a major in physical therapy, while Jaramy will study electrical engineering.  They also hope to walk on to the football team to play for the Commodores.

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